Morrowind Construction Set Tutorial

** New ** I have now created a blog to support the Construction Set Tutorials. This blog is called the morrowind and oblivion blog. I propose to link to this blog so that modders can have a forum for their queries and be able to chat to other modders regarding the construction set and modding in general.

I will be making regular posts on the blog that give further assistance on the modding process, and I would appreciate it if you could post your comments and suggestions there rather than e-mailing me. This way, everyone will get to see what other modders are saying and will be able to respond appropriately to those posts. Take a look - I hope to hear from you soon.

The Basic Construction Set Introduction does just that - it introduces the Morrowind Construction Set to the beginner, and starts at first principles where the CS is installed and the interface is started.

It then goes on to describe the interface and its use, the creation of a new mod with an NPC and a small trader market stand on the east bank of the river in Balmora.

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Basic Introduction to Using the Construction Set

The Basic Construction Set Quest and Dialog Tutorial introduces the novice modder to the task of creating a mod that contains a quest and its associated dialog. This is somewhat more complex than section 1 which was made for the complete beginner to the Construction Set.

Basic Quest and Dialog Introduction Tutorial

The first tutorial covers the use of the Morrowind Construction Set for the beginner including : opening and loading a mod, keyboard shortcuts, coordinate system, copying and pasting another house into Moonrest in the Five Keys of Azura mod.

I decided, for the purpose of these tutorials, to base them on the Five Keys of Azura mod, which can be downloaded from here. Although it's not strictly necessary to use the Five Keys mod, it does make things simpler. You will also need to have the Tribunal expansion loaded in order to load The Five Keys.

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Morrowind House Mod Tutorial 1

The second tutorial set up the interior of the house and linked the interior to the exterior. It went on to discuss the arrangement of objects in the house, and various aspects of moving and deleting items.

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Morrowind House Mod Tutorial 2

The third tutorial re-decorated the house by removing certain object, placed new objects, and set-up the ownership on all objects in the house. We discussed most aspects of using NPC's in Morrowind, and placed the owner of the house.

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Morrowind House Mod Tutorial 3 & NPC Tutorial

The fourth tutorial discussed and described how to use landscape editing in Morrowind. It then went on to explain how regions worked, and how to setup a new region.

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Morrowind Landscape & Region Tutorial

The fifth tutorial described the process of creating a new Morrowind faction. It described the process in detail of how to setup faction ranks, the requirements and favoured skills for those ranks, and the reactions to your guild from other guilds.

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Morrowind Faction Tutorial

The sixth tutorial described the process of creating dialog for Morrowind factions. Plus, it gave some general direction in creating dialog for quests/journals and dialog for greetings

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Morrowind Faction Dialog Tutorial

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