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Page updated 26th March, 2015

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This page has a growing list of Morrowind mods that the author is making available for download. As the mods are collected, played and reviewed, they will be added to the top of the page together with a download link to the original site. If you are new to the concept of mods then a short explanation follows.

A Morrowind mod is a file that contains an extension to the original game. This file usually has the file extension .esp (or, sometimes, .esm). These mod files do not alter the original game. The file consists of a series of changes that sit on top of the original game in order to provide extended play. Before playing Morrowind you have to be sure to go into the datafiles option and tick the box related to each of the mod/s that you want selected. It is possible to have multiple mods selected simultaneously, although you will need to check the help files of each mod to ensure that they do not conflict with each other.

Morrowind Mod : Better Bodies

The version of the mod here is : Better Bodies v2.2

Better Bodies v2.2

After running this installer, check "Better Bodies.esp" under Data Files.

Created by Psychodog Studios (

This is version 2.2 of Better Bodies. It replaces both the males and the females of all eight humanoid races in Morrowind. You do not need to have Tribunal or Bloodmoon installed to use Better Bodies. The meshes are now in their final states (really this time), so anybody who wants to can make clothing or armor for these bodies.

For more information, go to

What's New

Version 2.2 is expected to be the final version, since there's little left to change. New features include:

-Erstam's seamless fix, which prevents seams between body parts from being visible under certain lighting conditions
-Fixed the hole in the armpit that some people were complaining about -Improved textures for all races

Version 2.1 was mainly a bug fix, however there were several other changes:

-Improved textures for first-person hands
-Many vertex weighting mistakes were fixed which caused clipping with various clothing mods
-Replaced the entire model for the third-person hands. It's better looking now and doesn't have that "claw" look anymore.

Version 2.0 produced several significant changes to the body, some cosmetic and some functional. New features include:

-First person hands
-Nude version and permanent-underwear version
-Peanut gallery version (for insecure adolescent boys)
-Eliminated errors showing up in the Warnings.txt file
-Eliminated neck seam and made many other seams less visible
-Vastly improved backwards compatibility with mods and original clothes
-Improved the shape of the neck, calves, and ankles
-Improved the skin textures
-Better Bodies is now an esp instead of an esm. This makes it so that dirty mods no longer replace body parts on your character. It also allows Better Bodies to work with translated versions of Morrowind.

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Downloaded 21565 times.


Morrowind Mod : Rin's Beauty Shop

The version of the mod here is : Rin's Beauty Shop v1.5 This mod adds 17 playable female heads, 2 Dark Elf male heads and 10 kinds of hairstyles. This does not replace any of the games heads. Visit Rin's shop at "Outffiter" in Balmora and enjoy shopping. Credits; Thanks to Rhedd and Aleanne :)

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Downloaded 12736 times.


Morrowind Mod : Better Heads - Faces of Vvardenfell

The version of the mod here is : Better Heads v1.0 and v2.0

This is a re-release of the mod formerly known as Faces of Vvardenfell. That mod was pulled do to issues regarding certain faces inadvertantly being changed and overwritten. The mod has been reorganized so nearly everything has been renamed. The only files that may overwrite now are ear files made by Gorg and a few Argonian hair meshes by Silaria and this is by design. Gorg intended the updated ear files to act as an invisible patch to his earlier hairpacks. What it does is replace the ears on those packs with updated versions where the colors have been made more uniform and also are better matched to these heads and Better Bodies. Nothing else will be overwritten. Note that if you install any of Gorg's hairpacks after installing this mod you will not want to overwrite those files as it will change the ears back to the old textures and they may not match the heads or bodies. The Argonian hair meshes by Silaria included are exactly the same as they are in her mod, so you can overwrite them or not, it doesn't make a difference.

Some other changes have been made such as re-encoding some of the dds files for better compression, changing around which faces were replaced in a couple of instances to have less old people, adding back in a face that was not used, another was created where there was a duplicate head used twice, a couple of new hairs were added, and a some minor issues with the alignments of eyes and noses on a few faces were adjusted.


This mod comes with an auto installer by default. Should you choose to use it, you merely have to identify the directory where you have Morrowind installed (by default the installer will point to the default install directory of C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksMorrowind ) the installer will do the rest for you. Should you choose to do a manual install, the following below will apply:

Make sure the Extract files with full paths option is checked (enabled) in winace

The Better_Heads_v1.7z file should be extracted directory to your ...Morrowind folder, all of the files will be placed in their proper places as listed below:

*.nif will be placed in ...Data FilesMeshesBH

*.dds will be placed in ...Data FilesTexturesBH
Better Heads.esm will be placed in ...Data Files
Better Heads Tribunal addon.esm will be placed in ...Data Files\
Better Heads Bloodmoon addon.esm will be placed in ...Data Files

BHreadme.txt can be deleted after you have read it.

Additionally a Better Heads Extras folder will be placed under ...Data Files
This folder contains several optional things as described below:

a folder called Alt Vampire Textures This folder contains an alternate selection of textures for the vampires which are attractive in appearance. The initially installed vampires have an undead appearance. To use these alternate textures simple copy the textures in the Alt Vampire Textures folder to your ...Data FilesTexture folder and overwrite the existing files.

a folder called ESPs
This folder contains the 4 files:
Better Heads.esp which is the esp version of the esm for modders use
Better Heads Tribunal addon.esp which is the esp version of the esm for modders use
Better Heads Bloodmoon addon.esp which is the esp version of the esm for modders use and,


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Morrowind Mod : The Five Keys of Azura

Lord Vivec tells you of the rumours that began as a whisper here and a nod there while you were deep below Red Mountain. How the rumours hint at a dark secret, a secret that has n'er been spoken about for centuries, a sinister secret that involves Azura himself. The rumours are rife, an archaeologist has discovered an old parchment that has lain within a tomb that was sealed six centuries ago. It describes how Azura commissioned smiths and enchanters to create five chests and five keys. It goes on to discuss a dark secret that should be lost for all time, and how the enchanted items were scattered around Vvardenfell and beyond.

The fabled Five Keys of Azura were thought to be the fanciful imaginings of some old story-teller, but now the startling discovery gives credence to the rumour.

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Downloaded 9698 times.


Morrowind Mod : Sea of Destiny (78.7mb)

The version of the mod here is Sea of Destiny : Final+Gold Edition, released on the 26th June, 2004. These are the statistics taken straight out of the official manual :

- 400+ new cells of land
- over 300 new unique npcs
- grand capital of Regar with over 200 buildings
- about 20 new armors, 40 new weapons, 20 new books, + new misc items
- ancient pyramid
- grand size forest
- storyline with quests

Sea of Destiny is a mod for The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind, and comes in the form of an .esm file together with related meshes, textures, manual etc., all packaged up in a self-extracting .exe file. The mod requires the full version of Morrowind, plus the first expansion, Tribunal. It does not require the second expansion, Bloodmoon.

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Downloaded 6416 times.


Morrowind Mod : Ultimate Knight Shop (26.9mb)

The version of the mod here is : Ultimate Knight Shop v1.1

Requires : Tribunal

Lucius Vitallius, once a great Imperial Legion Captain, has retired. He was getting too old and didn't have the strenght to go on... He gained much experience in battle and is a brave knight but he also collected a lot of stuff on his great journeys. But all those things give him bad memory's too so he doesn't wants them in his house anymore. They keep reminding him of his wife who has been killed by his enemy. That's why he and his son Lucius Junior rented a spot in Moonmoth Legion Fort to make a shop and sell all of his gathered stuff he took in battle to the people of Morrowind, to get rid of the bad memories and try to live (if that is possible after all the war he has been true) a happy life.

This is my brand new mod. The mod is for all the knights out there because I always thought that in MW there wasn't enough knight style armor and stuff like that. I gathered all the nice knight lookin' armor and weapons mods and combined them into one big shop. The shop sells about 45 new shields, 10 new armor sets, 30 new hand weapons, 10 new bows and some new clothing. The store is located in Moonmoth legion fort. Of course all the credits go to the makers of these lovely mods.

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Morrowind Mod : Clothiers of Vvardenfell

The version of the mod here is : Clothiers of Vvardenfell v1.1.7

Requires : Tribunal and Bloodmoon Description This mod features a very large and eclectic clothing and armor collection by Korana, BadKarma, and Lady Rae. Perhaps the largest Better Bodies clothing collection, it features:

30+ items by Lady Rae
80+ items by Bad Karma
380+ items by Korana

This mod also features a wild and crazy tavern, 7 stores, new NPCs,a mini quests for some frisky fairies, and 4 new books with a mini quest.

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Downloaded 5755 times.


Morrowind Mod : Frostmourne Updated

Jojjo's Frostmourne Meets Morrowind

This mod does what its name says, brings Jojjo's incredible work of a Frostmourne to Morrowind. I just basically converted it, so I hold no credit for the mod.

A Hero of Old is said to had been lost while searching for this fabled, evil blade. He has been spotted entering the Kogoruhn Dunmer Stronghold. What could possibly lure him there? The blade?


This mod has been cleaned of GMSTs and dirty refs/edits with TesTool.

Jojjo's permission has been given.

The sword's stats are slightly better than that of a Daedric Longsword.

The sword is unenchanted, I leave that to user's desire. The blade has a very nice enchantment capability of 500 points.


3DS Max


First of all, Jojjo for his in-cre-di-ble work.

Westly, who helped me put the blue glow eyes on the helmet. Thanks!

Bethesda Softworks and all companies associated

Downloaders :-)

The guys at BethSoft forums. Those people rock!

And, of course, the admins.

6. Disclaimer

If you want to use something of these, please dont. Ask Jojjo for that.

You can find Jojjo on TesNexus.


Please let me know of any bug, or incompatibility. I will fix it.

ATTENTION! PAULDRONS AND HELMET NOW AVAILABLE! See the readme inside the file on how to obtain them.

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Downloaded 3904 times.


Morrowind Mod : Ranger Tent

The version of the mod here is : Ranger Tent

Ranger Tent by dongle

Carry-able Tent Home for Morrowind

A carry-able tent mod. The player can pick up the tent and carry it with them, or enter the tent's interior. Items placed in the interior, and it's containers, are safe and will remain in place.

All the tent models are new and made by me. The hanging sack is a modified Bethesda model. The balance of the models are stock ones.

Load up the mod and visit Ra'Virr the Trader in Balmora. He has one tent for sale. Carry it wherever you want and drop it into the world to pitch your tent. You are prevented from pitching it in an interior, while levitating, and in water.

You may add this mod to your fan site for download. Please keep the original .zip file intact with this ReadMe.

Please do not modify in any way and re-distribute.

A second tent added to the game-world could cause serious problems, so please do not add one to another mod.

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Downloaded 3698 times.


Morrowind Mod : Silgrad Tower (143mb)

This version: Release 4-B.
Silgrad Tower: Morrowind requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon, and can't be played without the expansions.
Silgrad Tower: Morrowind conflicts with any mod that affects our exterior coordinates, including Havish, Wizards Islands and certain parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. If you're actively playing any mod that conflicts with Silgrad Tower when you start up our mod, naturally it will be strange as hell for you as two worlds try to exist in the same place. We suggest you play these mods in sequence.

On the other hand Silgrad Tower is aptly suited to be played alongside our friend Rodan's excellent mod "Blacklight", available as a stand-alone release from his website See the map above for a case-in-point example of our compatibility.

Silgrad Tower: Morrowind places an adventure in Gnaar Mok that serves as a vehicle for transporting the player to our world. Whether it conflicts with any other mod that revolved around Gnaar Mok is so far unknown.

The mod doesn't change your gameplay in any way, and apart from the above-mentioned Gnaar Mok, our mod shouldn't affect anything at all on Vvardenfell or other locations created by Bethesda.

Our team is always sensitive to frame rate and we do our best to make the playing experience as fluid as possible. However, older graphic cards might have problems rendering our main town, so we would like to suggest that if you tune down the graphic settings if you're playing with an older card and are about to enter the sprawling megacity. (Well, compared to any Bethesda town our 250+ buildings constitutes a megacity)

To install, extract the contents into your Data Files directory, then tick our mod in the plugin list at the game's startup screen.
Important: Never play with more than one version of our main .esp. That will cause all kinds of problems.
Important: If you start playing Silgrad Tower, you can't keep playing that character if you upgrade to a newer release. That would also cause a lot of problems for you.

Silgrad Tower: Morrowind is an expansion for the computer roleplaying game "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind", released by Bethesda Softworks in 2002. The mod has been in development since autumn the same year. Silgrad Tower: Morrowind adds a large chunk of Morrowind's mainland west of Vvardenfell, opposite Hla Oad in the south to Andasreth in the north, sprawling over 240 highly detailed exterior cells. Over time, the Silgrad Tower: Morrowind mod has grown to encompass four major towns, several small settlements, over 35 quests, 500+ interiors and more than a thousand NPCs. If you aim to see everything our world has to offer, you're sure to have your hands full for a long, long time.

Silgrad Tower is also the name of our main town, situated in the southwest corner of our landmass, near the border to Cyrodiil. A war between House Hlaalu and House Redoran left the old town in ruins, with only the Tower itself surviving the havoc. After the truce was signed, Silgrad became an independent city-state under the leadership of a "Council of Elders", comprised of representatives from the Houses and factions who had a stake in the future of the city. Together with the mighty Guild of Traders, which is waving the sceptre supreme over all trading business, are bickering about the lands and direction the city should take. Because of the status of the city as a merchant haven the city is a true magnet to all kind of people seeking riches and fortune. This combined with the history of the fragile alliance of the main houses makes the city a both interesting and dangerous place to stay. While the old Tower of Silgrad is casting its shadows over the valley of the city, the surrounding lands are housing many dangers. Rumours about adventure and glory is heard on every corner and the old tomes of the stores promise both riches and death.

There are over 35 quests in the mod, ranging from small quests you can find on the messageboards in Silgrad to huge and complicated quests with multiple ways of solving them depending on your wicked mind. Please bear in mind that our mod isn't always perfect, and there are still bugs to sort out. If you find any, kindly report them on our forum.

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Morrowind Mod : Ornate Elvish Sabres

The version of the mod here is : Ornate Elvish Sabres

Requires : Tribunal and Bloodmoon

Another couple of sword resource offerings, this time with a celtic/elvish slant and once again using Phijama's excellent partial reflection technique. Both swords come complete with sheaths and are scripted to allow them to be equipped on either back or belt, depending on what armour/clothing you are wearing (see ReadMe) - when drawn, the empty sheath will show. Put it away and it will re-appear in the sheath. You will find the sheathed swords in Maar Gan, Andus Tradehouse - not hard to spot. They belong to one of the patrons there, so you'll either have to fight or sneak to get them.

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Downloaded 3464 times.


Morrowind Mod : Mori Mountain Estate (19.9mb)

The version of the mod here is : Mori Mountain Estate v2.01

Requires : Tribunal and Bloodmoon

This mod is INCOMPATABLE WITH THE 'A GOOD PLACE TO STAY' HOUSE MOD or with older versions of this mod. This is because they have the same entrance on the Balmora mountain slope (I may change this later but since there was no need for both house mods at the same time it shouldn't be a problem). If you find any other incompatibility please let me know at

New User: For most people you can just unzip the file inside the Data Files folder. Then enable the plug-in from Morrowind. If you are using "A Good Place to Stay" or any older version of this mod please use the upgrade instructions.

Upgrading: **IF** you are upgrading from previous versions of this mod or from A Good Place to Stay, you will need to move all your stuff outside the old house before installing the new house! Then remove the old mod then save your game again with the old mod gone (this results in a 'clean save'). Once you have a 'clean save' you can then enable this new version.

This mod creates a house inside the Northern mountain of Balmora in an area compatible with the Balmora Expansion Mod. Look for the banners outside and the flyer near the door to find it. The house is deceptively large and has the following features:

- Ingredient jars for all ingredients for all expansions + Sri Alchemy
- Zippy the ingredient sorting mouse, just click and zoom all the ingredients in your inventory are sorted into the jars. Now sorts Sri Alchemy ingredients!
- Library with Fireplace and your very own beautiful librarian to take care of it all
- Nami the Librarian will auto-sort all the books in your inventory (sorts 572 books! some from rd party mods). Just talk to her like you would Zippy and in the blink of an eye she makes duplicates of your books, places the copies on the shelves in a nice orderly fashion and places all the originals into one of three alphabetized closets. TIP: Always have Nami make copies of unique books before turning in the originals on quests!

- SECRET AREA with even more storage and displays.
- SECRET CRYPT is just a regular hack and slash (had better plans for it but I just ran out of steam) with several bosses that drop interesting (balanced) items (I'm a purist). The crypt is intended for level 20+ characters but it can be done at lower level if you're careful.

- Main Hall with secret wall, hydraulic display cases, & 6 mobile display mannequin for your best armors
- Clothing room with a bunch of mannequins for all your outfits
- Alchemy & Enchantment Room - This is where zippy hangs out. Includes a couple of mannequins for enchanted clothing. Now includes a Nursery (or green room) for growing plants. (Plant growing requires the Sri Alchemy mod & I also recommend the Advanced Herbalism mod along with it.)
- Bedroom - A nice little cozy room, but needs a good woman or two to make it exciting ;-p
- Armory with weapon storage room, labeled display mannequins (some movable), and a training mannequin that will not die (unless you cheat).
- New & improved Olympic size swimming pool!
- Dining Room and Bar.
- A large Guest Area addition with beds and dining area for all your companions. There is even an indoor stables for your small animal companions.
- Plant life decor near the bedroom.
- Dragon Port on one roof of the house (for use with the Lord of the Dragons mod).
- Look Out Tower on the other roof of the house.
- Entirely redesigned exterior from version 1.03 (no more cave in the wall).

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Downloaded 2758 times.


Morrowind Mod : Dagoth, Black Netch, &Red Dragon Armors


Fresh from its triumphant (hahahaha) WIP thread on the Official Forums, this mod adds four retextured (sort of) sets of armor culled from various sources, as well as hundreds of words in readable form! Adds a few NPCs to Sixth House strongholds and Ash Vampire lairs, too.

Check the excruciatingly long readme for info...and the FAAQ (Forestalling Any Asked Questions) for even more unnecessary info, including the credits of the people I ripped off!

Requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon. I know, I know: boo, hiss. Well, boo-hoo.

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Downloaded 2758 times.


Morrowind Mod : Pegas Horse Ranch

The version of the mod here is : Pegas Horse Ranch v3.1

The title says it all. It's a horse ranch and it allows you to do what a ranch supposed to do. With the ranch, you now have the ability to buy, sell, train and even breed horses. Not to mention the latest riding script that comes with it.

Also, there is no conflict at all with IWWH. So, you can play both mods together.

The horse ranch is located in Grazeland slightly south of Vos and NOT Tel Vos. To get there, you need to travel by ship to Vos after which just go south for a short distance and you should be able to locate the place. There are NPCs in the game which you can talk to discover how things operate in the ranch. There is also a horse riding manual in the game which you can refer to.


******************VERY IMPORTANT*******************************
This mod requires either TRIBUNAL or BLOODMOON installed!!!

All the files are zipped in a RAR format with all the relative paths attached. When you open up the zip file, you should see 170 files including this readme file. ( approx. 4.6Mb ) - Textures ( 48 files )
- Sound ( 5 files )
- Music ( 1 file )
- Meshes ( 88 files )
- Icons ( 5 files )
- BookArt ( 20 files )
- Esm ( 1 file )
- Esp ( 1 file )
- Readme ( 1 file )

To install the plugin, I suggest that you unzip the files onto the desktop first. Then copy the folders to your main Morrowind directory.


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Downloaded 2168 times.


Morrowind Mod : Vampire Embrace

The version of the mod here is : Vampire Embrace v2.4

Requires : Tribunal and Bloodmoon

Embrace NPC's converting them into vampires who can follow and fight for you. Three different ways you can embrace people:

Convince NPC's to accept the embrace through dialog, and getting them addicted to giving you blood.
Take them by force through combat using the vampire bite combat mode.
Take too much blood while using the blood drinking topic.
NPC's will talk and serve you at very high dispositions.
Take part in every quest in the game.
Persuade or charm NPC's to make them speak with you.
Convince mortal NPC's to donate blood to you.
Mortal NPC's learn to enjoy giving blood after time.
Bite people in combat and drink their blood.
Enslave victims (unwilling mortal blood donars) through combat.
Give victims a presents to your vampire NPC's to devour to raise the vampires disposition.
Create thralls (your loyal mortal servants).
Vampires and thralls can gain levels.
Fast travel safely during the daytime.
Bury your vampires to keep them safe from the sun.
Your vampire NPC's can transform into bats and wolves once you learn the spell.
Access your NPC's inventories.
Combat Strategies.
Tell you vampires to meet you at various locations around Morrorind including Mournhold.
Improved following AI so your vampires will never become stuck when following you.
Advanced teleport when you teleport.
You can choose how much npc's hate vampires in your game.
Your vampires can gain levels by feeding them victims.
Your vampires can gain levels from drinking large amounts of blood.
Your vampires and thralls can gain levels slowly over time as you level up.
Advanced teleport when you teleport.
Levitate when you levitate.
Waterwalk when you waterwalk.
The blood drinking topic offers large x 4 drinks after the first few drinks.
Victims "Travel with my servant" option allows them to travel with your vampires or thralls.
The "meet me at..." travel option now offers your clan headquarters once you have started the first clan quest.
Vampires Stay Here spell command to make all followers stay here.

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Downloaded 1994 times.


Morrowind Mod : Ravenloft (73.2mb)

The version of the mod here is : Ravenloft v0502d

Huge housing mod, with many rooms. Lots of display,storage. Some hidden rooms for the player to find. No cheats. No exterior. No problems. :)

The rooms include: bedroom, armory, dojo, swimming pool, mages lab, challenge pits, teleportation chamber, closet, library, sanctum and more.

The hidden rooms include secret mage display, secret ninja shrine, and secret samurai stash. Among others. There is a book in the library which describes each of the rooms in detail.

There is also a scroll hidden somewhere in the complex which provides hints to where the secret rooms are. So if you have trouble finding them, look for the scroll. :)

Even though the place is huge, the rooms are kept small, cozy and compact, so there should be absolutely no lag.

As said above, the place has no exterior. The only way to access Ravenloft without any addons is to use the console to obtain a teleportation amulet. I decided to make it so because this is the only way to avoid physical conflicts with other mods, existing or future. It is all described in the readme.

Please visit
for more info and more pictures. You can also downloads the addons for Ravenloft there. Including two different exteriors and three dungeons.

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Downloaded 1985 times.


Morrowind Mod : The Illuminated Order

The version of the mod here is The Illuminated Order 1.0c Edition, released on the 27th June, 2003. This is the intro, taken straight out of the .rtf file that comes in the archive :

Adventure into unknown depths, and plunge into the greatest mysteries of Vvardenfell with the Illuminated Order v1.0! A completely new faction with over 20 quests that will take you across Tamriel and beyond, including new and never before seen mod features and character opportunities!

Join a paranoid and secretive sect of the most mysterious and skilled researchers & adventurers in all of Tamriel. See amazing sights! Combat against impossible odds! Seek out and utilize strange and powerful artifacts, unlike anything seen before! And at the end of it all, confront your true self and have the opportunity to become a powerful lich!

Delve into obscure areas of Elder Scrolls lore and have the opportunity to visit the ruins of Scourg Barrow, search for the Waters of Forgetfulness in a Sixth House cave, explore a bizarre undersea science vessel with some strange surprises, party-crash a Wererat's island retreat, raid a Dreugh colony, encounter the three secret greater liches of Vvardenfell, and travel to the forgotten Hall of the Daedra to uncover the secrets of lich transformation - with an option to actually undergo the ritual at the end of it all and live out the rest of the player-character's existence as an undead master of magic!

  • Requirements :
  • Tribunal is required for The Illuminated Order.

  • Installation :
  • To install simply unzip the file to your Morrowind Data Files directory, make sure to use the subdirectory names in the zip file for the meshes and icons. Then activate Illuminated Order v1.0.esp in the Data Files section of the Morrowind Launcher.

  • Playing Guidelines :
  • A rumor at the Eight Plates in Balmora states that an insane Dunmer male has been running around claiming to be a lich. After an encounter with the madman, a series of quests will be set in motion that lead the player on a strange quest to discover the secrets of becoming a lich, and then on to joining a secret society of mystic intellectuals and adventurers named the Illuminated Order of Invisibles - hidden in secret guildhouses across Vvardenfell, from a safe haven beneath the Molag Mar Waistworks, to an undersea Dwemer vessel dubbed Barataria, and the lost Dunmer stronghold of Fionnovar.

  • Features :
  • - a new faction
    - 20+ new quests
    - Several new areas, including the dreugh colony of Imboca, Fionnovar, Barataria, Inverness, Los Christabel and more. (includes a version of Scourg Barrow, (renamed Scourge Barrow, for purposes of compatibility w/ Tenaka's Black Queen Chronicles mod)
    - Numerous new enchantments and enchanted weapons
    - Many New and Unique Artifacts, that don't function quite like anything you've seen

    - Alters the following existing cells:
    Balmora, in between the north end of the channel running through town and the guard tower located at the north end of town, east of the channel (This will slightly conflict w/ the Bank mod - Not too a major conflict, check it out, you'll see).
    Sadrith Mora (underwater between the boat docks and the Telvanni council hall)
    Ald'ruhn, Ald Skar Inn
    Tel Vos, Central Tower (removes one dwarven artifact item)
    Heran Ancestral Tomb
    Arys Ancestral Tomb
    Mzahnch Lower Level
    Molag Mar, Underworks
    Molar Mar, Waistworks
    Gnisis, temple (very minor)
    Molag Mar, Buoyant Armiger headquarters (very minor)
    Ald'ruhn, Venim Manor (very minor)
    Massama Cave
    Maren Ancestral Tomb (very minor)

    - LAND Changes:
    --Los Christabel cell is cell of small island north of Dagon Fel (previously empty of all but terrain).
    -- The Island cells are cells of island north of Khuul, west of Ald Redania (previously empty of all but terrain).
    -- Imboca cell is cell northwest of The Island, Sheogorad region (previously empty of all but terrain.
    -- Inverness cell is on northeast end of Red Mountain (previously empty of all but terrain).

    - Alters the following existing NPCs:
    Miron Garer, Khuul
    Crazy Batou
    M'aiq the Liar (minor)

    -Alters major topics Latest Rumors, Little Advice, Little Secret, Greeting 0, Greeting1, and Greeting2 topics. Adds Voice Entries for Hello topic. Adds a single Attack voice entry.
    -Additions to far too many minor topics to list
    -Adds numerous global variables, PCWearingLich, PCGreatBest, PCOrdLich, etc.
    -Adds numerous scripts (no startscripts)
    -Other additions that I won't bother to list (Large amounts of dialogue, Journal Entries, books, Activators, lights, creatures, objects, items, etc.)

    The Illuminated Order is a mod for The Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind, and comes in the form of a .zip file that contains the .esp file together with a couple of extra .esp files that are needed if you play with Bloodmoon loaded, and the .rtf file that contains most of the preceding info.

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    Downloaded 1952 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Exile: Spirits of the Underworld

    The version of the mod here is : Exile: Spirits of the Underworld
    Genre: Dungeon Explorer
    Platform: PC
    Game Required: Morrowind
    Expansion Required: None

  • Playing Guidelines :

  • Exile: Spirits of the Underworld is a underground world for The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.
    The player will be able to experience a underground world of cities, dungeons, tombs, and much more.
    Travel lower into the depths of Exile and find creatures you will not want to meet again. The
    exploration of Exile awaits for you.

    I recommend always having torches with you in Exile. It is very dark. Some areas there is no light
    at all. The level of your character really determines how far you want to explore. The deeper you get
    in Exile, the harder it gets. Just be prepared if you go further. Saving a lot is a good idea if your
    worried about not living through it.

    There are no quests in Exile, this is mainly a dungeon explorer with tons of areas to discover.
    There is a end boss to kill. If you do have enough strength to kill him, you will be awarded with
    many treasures. Good luck!

    Make sure to activate the Exile mod file before playing Morrowind. This can be done using the
    Morrowind Launcher. (C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksMorrowindMorrowind Launcher.exe)
    To go into Exile, travel to Ghostgate. Inside the gates up the path a bit is an entrance to Exile.
    For a map of the location of Exile, look in your Data Files folder. (C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksMorrowindData Files)

  • Bugs

  • If you find any bugs, report them here.

  • Credits

  • Lady E and Proudfoot - Dungeon Tileset and Trolls. Without you two, none of Exile would of been possible, thank you!
    AcidBasick - For making the Ogrim head into a mesh by itself.
    The community - Wow! You have been great to me again. I appreciate the support you show me.
    It keeps me modding for you!

  • Requirements :
  • None.

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    Downloaded 1887 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Oblivion Style Spellcasting

    The version of the mod here is : Oblivion Style Spellcasting v1.5

    You are now able to cast spells while your weapon is drawn! This mod is aimed at improving Morrowind's combat by allowing you to use a fast-paced combination of melee (and ranged) weapons and spells without having to take the time to switch between weapon mode and spell mode.
    This mod is dependent upon Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE) v0.9.2 or later, and Morrowind Enhanced (MWE) v1.6.

  • Requirements :

  • This mod requires Bloodmoon and Tribunal, Morrowind Script Extender and Morrowind Enhanced v1.6.

  • Installation :
  • To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind/Data Files directory.

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    Downloaded 1849 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Abot's Water Life

    The version of the mod here is : Abot's Waterlife v1.11

    Requires : Tribunal or Bloodmoon

    The Elder Scrolls III MORROWIND: Water Life Version 1.11 by abot
    Tribunal OR Bloodmoon engine required


    Water Life is an attempt to mix the scripting techniques developed in the "Where are all bird going?" plugin with the best aquatic creature modding resources to bring more life into Morrowind waters.

    This plugin mainly adds to Morrowind (most) peaceful aquatic creatures based on the wonderful models & textures by Cait Sith, Lady Eternity & Proudfoot, Brash.

    The main goals of the plugin are:

    - make waters and shore feel more alive, especially deep sea diving in wilderness desert areas

    - tolerable/dynamic fps hit

    - no install/uninstall/reinstall quest/game consequences

    - compatibility with all existing & future plugins, thanks to the dynamic, real time placement/deletion of all items and water areas recognition.

    What makes this plugin really different is the way (with pros and cons) creatures are placed in the world and the effort to make them more "alive".
    You can hate or love this way of placing creatures, but I think it's worth a try.

    IMPORTANT! READ IT! Installation/use:

    The plugin is distributed as a compressed file. Inside the compressed .zip file there is a single auto installer executable file called abotWaterLife (extract to Morrowind dir).exe

    The .zip and .exe file extension could not be visible in your Windows installation, but this should not be a problem.

    Simply extract to any folder you like the single installer inside the zip and double click the extracted file to start the installer.

    The installation form will open: click the [...] button to choose the folder where your Morrowind installation is (typically C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksMorrowind ATTENTION: choose the Morrowind folder as destination, NOT THE MorrowindData Files folder! ), and the installer will unpack and create all the needed files and folders.

    After installation, read the documentation in the file MorrowindData FilesDocsabotWaterLife.txt

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    Downloaded 1816 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Clean PJM Themed Bowsets

    The version of the mod here is : Clean PJM Themed bowsets

    Requires : Morrowind

    Clean PJM Themed bowsets - Read Me


    Having little time to model these days I set about tinkering with a few old meshes, giving them a few tweaks and textural updates. This plugin includes 4 'themed bowsets' (bow, arrows and quiver) that are scripted to self sheathe and generate their own arrows - stock arrows can be used with these bows if you desire. The sets included are Amber, Green amber, Ivory and Ebony (not to be confused with my previous Ivory and Ebony bows from my Harlequin resource). I've also thrown in a bow which I call 'Ember'. This bow generates arrows but cannot use others. This bow has an unusual graphic effect.


    This plugin was packed with Tesmu2 which I swear by, for an easy life download this program and use it to install this mod. Allow any textures used in this resource to overwrite any of my previous textures, I do re-use to save on space.

    If installing manually, place all textures in Morrowinds main texture directory (allow any textures to overwrite old ones). Place the Phijama meshes folder within Morrowinds main mesh folder. If a Phijama folder already exists then simple copy and paste the new content to the old folder. Place the Phijama icon folder within Morrowinds main icon folder, again if a Phijama folder already exists simply copy and paste the new content to the old folder. The esp drops into Morrowinds data file folder.

    Item locations

    It's common knowledge that I do not do quests or fancy shops with NPC's. These models are however placed in game. They can be found in the following locations:

    Samarys Ancestral tomb.

    Koal Cave

    Hlaalu vault (Vivec)

    Redoran vault (Vivec)

    Forgotton vaults of Anudnabia, Forge of Hilbongard

    I'm not saying which model is placed where, that's for you to find out - do explore and look around, most are in the open but a few may be hard to reach without certain powers.

    General stuff/ issues

    I care not for any complaints regarding item stats, the construction set is your friend. If you don't like the stats then change them yourself. These weapons are intended for use as unique items in this plugin and as such are powerfull. They have scripted 'enchants' that only apply when they are equipped. These weapons have varying degrees of enhanced accuracy by use of fortify attack, again these scripted 'enchants' can be altered if desired, though do note they are actually 'abilities'. Please do not use actual enchantments on these weapons (barring the ember bow/ arrow). Most of these weapons use reflection maps and isolated reflect maps, a technique I developed some time ago. Enchant effects can compromise these maps and destroy the intended effect. In some cases no glo can remedy this but I have not tested it with these models.

    Typically, sheathing scripts can stop from time to time and may need restarting by using the startscript command brought up via the console when in game. The sheathing scripts are as follows;





    Stock arrows can be used with the self sheathing, arrow producing bows. Simply equip your chosen arrow and voila, your good to go. The custom arrows will not be generated if one one arrow is in the inventory but not equipped. If the custom arrow is dropped and the inventory count is 0, arrows will be generated. To restart arrow generation make sure the right bow is equipped and drawn, equip the relevant arrow and generation will start when the arrow count is 0.

    The arrow generating quivers can be used with other bows but you must unequip the relvant self sheathing bow when it is in its unsheathed state. Only the unsheathed quiver generates arrows. If the bow is dropped then any quivers will be removed for that bow. It's all part of a 'tidy up' script I use to maintain immersion.

    There will be clipping with some characters, this is unavoidable since there are so many animation, clothing and armor variations. The quiver meshes take up the neck bodypart and use the left pauldron slot. The left clavicle is not actually used so the right pauldron can be made to fit both left and right shoulders in the CS. There are mods available that actually do this for all stock armor. If using Better Bodies, then the original neck will be visible in game, unless a chest item is also used such as a cuirass. I have included a scaled down BB neck so at no time should the character be 'neckless'. This is not physiqued as the models use reflection maps. The texture used for this can be redirected to your characters BB body texture if desired. The neck texture name is _1bw_AMB_IVORY_NECK. This is the only texture that needs to be redirected, any other textures referring to necks should not be altered as these are actually used as bases for reflect maps.

    Usage/ contact

    All meshes and textures are free to use and abuse as you see fit. All I ask is that meshes and textures are renamed to avoid conflict. I do update textures occasionally and I'd hate to see any revised material overwrite another persons customised color scheme. You're welcome to use these models in your own projects, my only request is that you give me appropriate credit for model/ texture creation.

    The included plugin and all associated artwork can be uploaded to alternative hosts so long as due credit is given. No further permission is required, though I do like to keep track of files and sites. If possible please send me a link to the site via private message. I can be found on the official forums and go by the username 'Phijama'.


    I'll keep this short and sweet, thanks to all on the official forums and the Morrowind modding community as a whole. Though I no longer play this game, the warmth, humour and generosity of the community keeps me coming back for more! Thanks also to Bethesda (for creating a game with legs), the Better Bodies team ( for great bodies), and all at PlanetElderScrolls - in particular APY for managing my uploads and putting right my many mistakes.

    My final thanks go to Monica and Elric at for their continued generosity, support and dedication to the gaming community, your a credit to us all.

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    Downloaded 1487 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Dave's Furniture Store

    The version of the mod here is : Dave's Furniture Store v2.01

    Requires : Tribunal

    This plugin adds over 400 furniture items that you can pick up and move, allowing
    you to completely alter your own house layout while in the game... the only thing
    you gotta find is an empty house (now supplied as well). Items include all the
    typical house furnishings (tables, chairs, beds, etc...), plants and trees for
    decorating outside your house, and even placeable containers so you can store all
    your loot.

    - Over 400 new items that you can pick up, drop, and carry.
    - A furniture store in Balmora (near the Temple), Hla Oad (just South of town) and Vivec (North along the road from the Foreign Quarter) where you can buy all the furniture you want.
    - A 'magic' ring which will allow you to lock most furniture items in place so you cannot accidently move them.
    - A variety of plants and planters for your very own garden.
    - New lights (including fires) to light up your home just the way you want.
    - 7 new, empty homes which are purchased from Alorit Tiann in the Grand
    Council Chamber in Ebonheart. They cost anywhere from 40,000 (small shack in Hla Oad) to 1.2 million (grand mansion in Ebonheart).
    - Buy strange and unique items in the Thrift Shop near Hla Oad. Includes Armor Dummies, summonable lockpicks, probes and hammers (so you'll never run out) and few sets of unique armor (total worth well in the millions, if you have the cash).

    - Larger objects have collision - you can now jump onto tables instead of walking through them.
    - Simpler and more intuitive placement of containers.
    - Some items can be moved after you have placed them (a feature brought back in; the scripts are working now).
    - Enhanced Furniture Ring, with options to align items to the world axes, and to change furniture movement speed.
    - New armor mannequins that can be carried and picked up again, and set up to eight different poses. They are now available at the furniture shops in Balmora and Vivec as well.
    - Many more Morrowind and Tribunal stock items, and a few extras (display cases!)
    - Prices, weights, and container capacities have been revised in many cases.
    - Diversified shops: Vendors are no longer mere clones of their counterparts in the other towns, and the Vivec shop interior is furnished differently than the Balmora shop.

    Now Tribunal is required. This is because some script functions only available in the expansions play a vital role in the new furniture scripts.

    Due to changes in object definitions, DH Furniture 2.0+ is not compatible with savegames played with earlier versions. You have to uncheck the old ESPs first, then load the game and resave, before you can activate the v2.0 plugins. You will lose any furniture you've already bought, but this is inevitable - otherwise you're bound to encounter lots of problems.

    This mod is not compatible with Balmora Expansion. BE already includes version 1.6 of the shop (moved to the eastern part of town).

    There are several plugins that you must enable in order to use the furniture content, as described below.

    DH_FURN.ESP - Contains all the furniture items. Needed for the dh_furn_stores.esp and dh_thriftshop.esp to work.
    DH_FURN_STORES.ESP - Adds a furniture store in Balmora, Hla Oad, and Vivec. You need this if you want to be able to actually buy some furniture.
    DH_HOMES.ESP - Adds a variety of empty homes and a new NPC in the Grand Council Chamber in Ebonheart who will sell them to you.
    DH_THRIFTSHOP.ESP - Adds a thrift shop near Hla Oad where you can buy a number of strange and unique objects.

    Simply unzip this archive to the "Morrowind\Data Files" folder. Make sure the "Extract Pathnames" option (or similar, depends on your archiver program) is active. The files should go to their proper locations.

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    Downloaded 1264 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Decorator

    The version of the mod here is : Decorator_111.rar

    The Elder Scrolls III
    By Raveren (
    Current Version: 1.1.1 (2006-11-14)
    1. Summary
    Playing the Plugin
    2. Installation
    Different ESPs
    3. Save Games
    4. Credits
    5. Known Issues
    6. Known Conflicts
    7. Version History
    8. Permissions
    1. Summary
    This mod lets you easily and conflict-free rotate/position/ scale/delete almost any item in the game world. As an added bonus lets raise dead people and creatures and shows the original owner of selected items.

    Decorator+ is actually a greatly improved, seamless mash-up of two of my released plugins - undo death and rotate enhanced.

    See the included readme file for further information on the use of this mod.

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    Downloaded 1238 times.


    Morrowind Mod : New Lich Kings Pauldrons

    The version of the mod here is : New Lich Kings Pauldrons


    This addon adds the Helmet and Pauldrons to the same location as the sword, although the addon is not dependent on the Frostmourne mod.

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    Downloaded 1235 times.


    Morrowind Mod : WayfarersRest

    The version of the mod here is : WayfarersRest v1.21

    This mod allows the player to gain an inn, located along the road from Pelagiad to Balmora, and earn a profit from it. There is a quest to get this inn, and a couple more to improve it. Once you get the inn, profits may be collected on a weekly basis by talking to the innkeeper. This mod makes use of my Common Rich Hallway Tileset resource (included in the mod).
    Note that the download includes a quest walkthrough. Also, more screenshots can be found at screenshots.html
    *** Note: When you first activate the mod, you cannot just go to the inn, as it does not exist until you do the quest to get it built.

  • Requirements :

  • This mod requires Morrowind only.

  • Installation :
  • To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind/Data Files directory.

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    Downloaded 1159 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Farmer Mod

    The version of the mod here is : Farmer Mod v4.0

    Try your hand with this superb farming sim.

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    Downloaded 1124 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Daedric Warhammer Replacer

    The version of the mod here is : Daedric Warhammer Replacer

    Requires : Morrowind

    Daedric Warhammer Replacement
    Plugin for Morrowind
    Version 1.0 (30.10.2004)
    by Android

    About the Plugin

    I was a bit disappointed with the original daedric warhammer, so I decided to create my own.

    This plugin replaces all generic daedric warhammers in the game with a new model and texture, stats remain the same. So if you had such warhammer in your inventory, it will change into the new one after loading the plugin. Unfortunately if you enchanted your warhammer prior to loading the plugin, it will not change (I don't know why). So all you need to do is use the console to create a new one (press ~ and type: player -> additem "daedric warhammer" 1) and enchant it. Other daedric warhammers in the game (i.e. found in random loot or on enemies) will change just fine.


    Unzip all files into MorrowindData Files and enable the plugin using the Morrowind Launcher.

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    Downloaded 1087 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Art of War Museum v1.0 (95.3mb)

    The version of the mod here is : Art of War Museum v1.0

    The Art of War Museum is placed under the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold; Torasa Aram can direct you there, if you don't notice the corridor which winds down opposite the Museum's entrance door.

    If you want to aquire some of the items, better bring gold - all the displayed items are well-guarded (not to mention some of them are actually fake).


    1. Extract the included files and sub-folders to a temporary folder of your choice.
    2. 'Art Of War Museum.esp' and the 'meshes', 'textures', 'icons' and 'sound' folders all go in the following location: "Install DirectoryMorrowindData Files";
    3. You will be asked if you want to overwrite a couple of times, choose 'yes' to each time or 'yes to all' to save a couple of clicks;
    4. With that done make sure to check the activation box for the 'Art Of War Museum.esp' file before launching the game.

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    Downloaded 1073 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Tolarn

    The version of the mod here is : TOLARN v1.05

    TOLARN, small dragon companion V1.05

    A mod for Morrowind (Elder Scrolls III) Tribunal & Bloodmoon required.

    By MentalElf (Barney Blankenship) email:

    Install: extract the archive to your "Morrowind" directory, run Morrowind and enable the ME_Tolarn.esp mod.

    Playing: follow up on the "News Notice" you receive.

    Notes: The dragon model is one I found for free, I articulated it and animated it. If you wish to use it or any of the other models, please contact me for permission. If you translate the mod text into foreign language (this file or the ESP) please email me a copy.

    Leveling: Tolarn starts at level 8, he advances by combat, leveling up. His health increases by 10 for every level he gains. Every five levels (1st at level 13 for example) he gets an increase in not only health but also melee damage and magic defense. You can see this by using his commands "Check Attack" and "Check Defense".

    HINTS: 1) If you have less than 1000 gold, the adventurer won't talk to you at first. 2) Go back to the adventurer after killing the mother dragon, he has more items you can buy. 3) If Tolarn dies, go back to the roost, there are more eggs (you get five chances).

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    Downloaded 1030 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Widow maker Crossbow

    The version of the mod here is : Widow maker Crossbow V.1

    Requires : Bloodmoon

    Widow maker Crossbow V.1 by Phijama ** Requires Bloodmoon due to scripting functions.**

    Introduction/ mod details

    Following on from my Hunters rifle resource I decided to complete an old crossbow mesh I'd started a while back - lovingly termed the 'Widow Maker'. Getting in to the swing of things I created another new model of a crossbow pistol based on an old Belgian design. This pistol comes in two flavours, gold and silver with ivory detailing. Stuck for names I simply called these 'Romulus' and 'Remus'. I have many meshes laying around on my hard drive waiting for a home or to be binned, so I threw a variation of one of my glowing bows in for good measure. This bow is called 'Ultra Violet' - the reason for the name will become apparent should you choose to try it out.

    All of these weapons have their own ammo that is specifically designed for them, though the crossbows can use any stock bolt should you wish to. The custom bolts are added via a regeneration script attached to 'amulet' versions of the bolts that must be worn to for the script to start - if you wish to use stock bolts then simply unequip the amulets. The UV bow has its regeneration script directly applied and will only use its own 'UV' arrows.

    To regenerate bolts the relevant 'amulet' must be worn and the bolt count must be 0 for that particular bolt. The script will only add bolts when the weapon is put away. It works this way for several reasons, one of which is to maintain animation consistency. To regenerate arrows, the UV bow simply has to be equipped and have the bow in the weapon drawn state with an arrow count of 0. The reason for this is so that a bolt amulet and the bow can be equipped at the same time without the scripts constantly swapping over from bolt to arrow.

    The gold bolt is stronger than silver and costs gold to regenerate, if you have no gold, no bolts will be created.

    All of these items can be found in Draren Thirilas's house in Seyda Neen. This is my testing ground and threfore dumping ground. I'm not one for quest creation, the enjoyment for me comes from creating models and getting them to work the way I want - so no complaints regarding the lack of quests etc, you can do that yourself can't you?


    Place the Widow Maker esp into Morrowinds data file directory.

    All textures drop straight into Morrowinds texture directory. If prompted, allow all textures to overwrite as the plugin uses textures from some of my other plugins which you may have. No textural changes have been made.

    Place the Phijama icons folder straight into Morrowinds icon folder. If a Phijama subfolder already exists, copy and paste the 'xbows' subfolder into the Phijama subfolder.

    Place the Phijama mesh folder into Morrowinds main mesh folder, if a Phijama subfolder already exist then copy/ paste the xbows subfolder into the Phijama subfolder

    Known conflicts

    Unfortunately the scripts attached to the regenarting bow/ crossbow bolts will conflict with any scripted item that adds/ regernates either arrows or bolts. Make sure you only wear one regerneating item at a time and all should work well.


    Do what you like with the models and textures, all are FREE to use and abuse all I ask is to be credited for their creation. I do urge you to change item ID's and if changing textures change their names. I do update textures from time to time and I'd hate for an update to overwrite anyones personal colour scheme.


    The included models have been waiting for release for a long time, I have lost track of those folk who offered sound advice and provided testing so what I propose to do is say a big thank you to the Morrowind modding community as a whole. The official forums have been my place of rest and retreat for many years now and I'm indebted to you all! Modelling has been a huge release for me over the years, its the process of creating that gives me a kick and 'the buzz'. The final models and any subsequent released mods are really a by product of this therapeutic process. Their release is really my way way of saying 'thank you'.

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    Downloaded 989 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Animated Morrowind

    This mod adds some new animated Npcs to the world, and gives animations to some Npcs of the original game.


    Old Npcs
    - Lette, the redguard woman who suffers the Swamp Fever, a bit North of Tel Mora
    - Granny Varis, the dunmer woman who cleans the Temple, in Mournhold, Temple Reception

    New Npcs:
    - a drummer in the Ahemmusa Camp
    - a smith in Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall
    - an alchemist in Ald Ruhn, Guild of Mages
    - a clerk in the Census and Excise Office
    - 3 dreamers in Falasmaryon Stronghold
    - an Orc in Balmora, Council Club
    - a beggar in Balmora, next to the Temple
    - a fisherman in Khuul
    - a bard in Mournhold, Great Bazaar, and another bard in Mournhold, the Winged Guar
    - 2 readers in Vivec, LIbreary of Vivec

    all these new Npcs will appear randomly (40-50%) only during some hours of the day. People in tavern will appear at evening/night, while a clerk will appear during the morning/afternoon.

    This mod requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.



    Many thanks to

    - Der Juvas, who kindly allowed his musics ("Old Goblet" and "Drink and Dance", renamed "AM_Music2" and "AM_Music3") to be used as music of the bard named Der Juvas, in "Mournhold, the Winged Guar".
    - MrKenor, who kindly allowed his music (Mororwind Main Theme, renamed "AM_Music1") to be used as music of the Bard named "Martin Kenor", in "Mournhold Great Bazaar". More of this performer at his channel on youtube: Link
    - who released the tools Blender and Nifskope, used to make the animations. A special thanks to Amorilia at NifTools forum who released the exporter to export animations from Blender to Nif file. Link
    - all the Morrowind Community for their suggestions and support.
    Feel free to use my part of this mod how you wish. Just inform me if you place it original or modified somewhere on Web.

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    Downloaded 942 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Prophecy Of The Lost Heir

    The version of the mod here is Prophecy Of The Lost Heir version 1.2 Edition, released on the 5th June, 2003. This is the intro, taken straight out of the readme file that comes in the archive :

    During a fearful storm 15 years ago, a ship was wrecked off the coast of Khuul. Among the victims were Iliam Dren - the rejected firstborn child of the previous Duke Dren - and his wife and children. However, one of the bodies was never found: the mortal remains of Iliam's oldest son Artruhn are still missing.

    Now, the ageing emperor Uriel Septim is worried about the violent Morrowind atmosphere and is concerned for the future for the Vvardenfell people. One night, he has a very strange dream. In his dream, Mara, the Goddess of Love, whispers to him, telling him that Artruhn might still be alive, and that he might have the powers to govern Vvardenfell and bring peace to the area. She also tells him that help from the Nerevarine is necessary if the search for Artruhn is to be successful.

    - meet the head of the Blades (the stunning blonde) and become part of her mission
    - 8-12 hours of playtime
    - six new optional companions
    - a number of sidequests and some new allies.

    Prophecy Of The Lost Heir is a mod for The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind, and comes in the form of a .zip file containing the .esp file, together with related meshes, textures, instructions etc. This mod requires the full version of Morrowind, plus the first expansion, Tribunal. It does not require the second expansion, Bloodmoon. And. as the readme states 'YOU HAVE TO BE NEREVARINE TO PLAY THIS MOD.'

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    Downloaded 939 times.


    Morrowind Mod : BookJackets

    The version of the mod here is : BookJackets v1.0

    A set of unique covers for all 300 books in Morrowind. 2 versions are provided: one for use with BookRotate and one for use without.
    Features: - 100% BookRotate compatible. - Covers are, I hope, pretty purist-friendly. Dwemer books have titles only in Dwemeris.
    - Not all books are shiny and new. Some are very beat up, others just slightly worn.
    - Books in a series (eg. 36 Lessons of Vivec) have the same cover, but are numbered on the spine and are weathered uniquely.
    - Open books are readable. Open ledgers show images of real ledgers.

    - Each book has a matching icon.
    Readme included. Guess that's it. Hope you enjoy them.
    Sorry for the multiple zip files. I couldn't get the upload form to accept files over 8mb even though it says it should. Ack!

  • Requirements :

  • This mod requires Bloodmoon and Tribunal.

  • Installation :
  • Extract all files from multiple zips, install and play.

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    Downloaded 906 times.


    Morrowind Mod : The Black Mill (30.4mb)

    The version of the mod here is The Black Mill 1.0 Edition, released on the 15th March, 2004. This is the intro, taken straight out of the .html file that comes in the archive :

    Anxiety has risen amongst the highest ranks of the Temple, for their spies reported the coming of a new Special Agent of the Emperor to Vvardenfell - another Stranger with no known lineage. Even the Temple's Inquisition, focused on rumors about the return of an ancient evil, turned its gaze towards this newcomer, and summoned its trackers to find the Imperial Special Agent who came before in a similar way - you. Informed that you were on your way to the small seaside town of Seyda Neen, an Inquisitor with two Ordinators journeyed by Silt Strider to meet you there.

  • Requirements :
  • Tribunal is required for The Black Mill.

  • Installation :
  • To install simply unzip the file to your Morrowind Data Files directory, make sure to use the subdirectory names in the zip file for the meshes and icons. Then activate TheBlackMill.esp in the Data Files section of the Morrowind Launcher.

  • Playing Guidelines :
  • The game starts when you meet a company of three near the Silt Strider in Seyda Neen. Talk to them. The Black Mill is designed to be played with a more developed character, our estimate is that your character needs at least to have reached level 25 to be able to complete the mainquest. And even then you'll find a lot of challenges.

    It is strongly advised to use multiple savegames, so in case things go wrong you have a choice to which savegame you wish to revert to.

  • Features :
  • None Mentioned.

    The Black Mill is a mod for The Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind, and comes in the form of a .zip file that contains the .esp file together with a couple of readme .html files containing some of the information shown above. Another text file describes this plugin as adding Multiple Marking Support. A further .esp file is provided containing a shirt mesh for those using the Better Bodies plugin.

    The Black Mill v1.1 patch

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    Downloaded 761 times.


    Morrowind Mod : TR Morrowind Map1: Telvannis

    The version of the mod here is : TR Morrowind Map1: Telvannis v1.11b

    Description Map1 is the first part of the Tamriel Rebuilt Project's Morrowind Province mod.

    Requires: Bloodmoon and Tribunal

    A large mod, it adds great amounts of content to the game including:
    -Over 500 exterior cells
    -Over 340 interior cells
    -Over 2000 dialogue responses
    -Over 750 NPCs
    -Over 25 new creatures
    -Over 250 new pieces of equipment

    This is a beta release, so quests have not yet been implemented, but we're working hard on them and our next beta will have plenty.

    The area that Map 1 occupies is mostly occupied by House Telvanni, save for two Imperial settlements on its western coast. It spans diverse types of terrain, from the rugged Boethian Mountains to the overgrown wilderness of the Telvanni Isles, from the rolling hills and fertile pastures of the Molagreahd to the dark depths of the Sea of Ghosts.

    Its population is spread across a number of settlements, ranging from the majestic glory of Port Telvannis to the imposing battlements of Firewatch; from the sprawling bridges of Gah Ouadaruhn to the dizzy height of the top of Tel Ouada.

    See the included readme for more information on this mod.

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    Downloaded 757 times.


    Morrowind Mod : The Cave of Woe 1.3b

    The version of the mod here is The Cave of Woe 1.3b Edition, released on the 30th December, 2002. This is the intro, taken straight out of the readme file that comes in the archive :

    Explore the haunted caverns of Lorogh and Lagorn. Retrieve three lost weapons of legendary power. Escape with your life! To begin this adventure, visit the Razor Hole in Balmora and search for a clue. The Cave of Woe is a challenging dungeon adventure suitable for level 8 - 12 characters.

    - Type : medium-sized interior dungeon
    - Landscape : na
    - Buildings : na
    - Rooms : 9
    - NPC's : na
    - Monsters : 25
    - Items : many
    - Loot : fairly abundant
    - New Content : three books; various parchments; ghost; modification; new weapons
    - Best Feature(s) : three "artifact" weapons; new books
    - Helpful Skill(s) : thief or mage
    - Dungeon Location : near Seyda Neen; go to the Razor Hole in Balmora to find the clue

    The Cave of Woe is a mod for The Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind, and comes in the form of a .zip file that contains the .esp file together with a readme file containing some of the information shown above.

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    Downloaded 721 times.


    Morrowind Mod : House of Mannequins

    The version of the mod here is : House of Mannequins v1.0

    This plug-in adds multiple varieties of armor wearing and weapon wielding mannequins
    to Morrowind. You can find them at the House of Mannequins in Vivec, St. Delyn Waistworks.

    Current varieties include:

    = Weapon and Armor Capable =
    *Statue - Male/Female - Human, Elven, Khajiit, Argonian
    *Wooden - Male/Female - Human, Elven, Khajiit, Argonian
    *Racial - Male/Female - All races
    *Vampiric - Male/Female - Imperial only, as it's all about Rhedd and Allie's incredible faces, ja?
    *Mistform - Male/Female
    *Skeletal - Male/Female

    = Armor Only =
    *Dancing Mannequins - Currently female only, as I opted to stay with the three base dancing girl
    motif. Ala Desele's House of Earthly Delights. These are incapable of wielding weapons, as the skip
    anim involved with weapon wielding would render their dancing moot.

    I chose to not use fan made meshes or textures for the racial, dancing, and vampiric mannequins.
    Simply put, if you use what I use, I would be delivering a mass of nude cover girls to the
    downloading audience. To me, it's better that you have all the choices available to you. If you
    currently use custom faces and bodies, the flesh based mannequins will benefit from those plug-ins,
    as would any NPC. They are not required for this one, but they will improve your mannequins.
    nudge nudge, wink wink

  • Requirements :

  • This mod requires Tribunal.

  • Installation :
  • Simply decompress this file into your MorrowindData Files directory. Then, from the
    Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the House of Mannequins
    v1.0.esp file. From there, start your game as usual.

    As a note, all Meshes, Icons, and Textures are prefixed with gp_. Meshes and Icons are
    housed within GP subfolders. This should make dissemination easier, as well as helping to
    keep your folders clean.

    This mod requires Tribunal. To put it bluntly, without Tribunal this mod could have never
    happened. The companion share functions are integral to how these mannequins work.

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    Downloaded 682 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Trade Route

    The version of the mod here is : Trade Route v1.0

    A new transportation option that travels between Pelagiad, Ft. Buckmoth, Urshilaku Camp, Zainab Camp, and Erabenimsun Camp via a trader's cart ride.

    v 1.0

    to install:

    Place "Trade_Route.esp" into the "data files" folder of your Morrowind directory.

    to uninstall:

    Goto your Morrowind directory and open "data file" folder. Locate "Trade_Route.esp" file and right click on it. Choose the delete option and click ok.

    Remember you must activate your new mod in order to play it! To do so, double click on your Morrowind icon. Click on the "Data Files" option. Click the box next to the "Trade_Route.esp" and click ok. Now click play and the changes should take place in your game. Notes:
    1) You may need to start a new game for changes to take place properly.
    2) Other mods may conflict with this mod.
    3) The trader Isaiah might be found somewhere in the game open for business.
    4) Feel free to change this mod in any way that suits you!

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    Downloaded 679 times.


    Morrowind Mod : LichCraft

    The version of the mod here is : Lichcraft v2.03

    Requires : Tribunal and Bloodmoon

    The Elder Scrolls III
    LichCraft Plug-in
    V 2.03 (Final?)
    by VenomByte

    Stay up to date on LichCraft and other mods by VenomByte!

    1. Installation
    2. Playing the Plug-in
    3. Release History/Mod info
    4. Known bugs
    5. Credits
    6. Contact
    7. FAQ/Other notes

    NOTE: I will be putting an online FAQ for LichCraft on my website (see above). There is far more to this mod than I can possibly remember to write down here. So any questions, check the site or email me!


    To install the plug-in, unzip the files into the Morrowind/Data Files directory. This mod requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon to be installed.

    NOTE: If you are also running the Mad Leveller, make sure it is loaded AFTER LichCraft. Additionally, DO NOT use the Mad Leveller LichCraft fix. It is no longer compatible, or necessary.

    There are two .esp's included with this plugin.

    vn_lichcraft2.esp - default. When you become a Lich, you lose the ability to use certain clothing slots
    vn_lichcraft2_alt.esp - Alternative. When you become a Lich you may use any equipment slot, but your original appearance is forever lost.


    From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the "Lichcraft.esp" file.

    This plugin was designed as an alternative, expanded take on the Lich experience originally offered by Illimunated Order. It is a standalone plugin.

    To start your adventure, look in the secret library of Vivec for a certain book on Necromancy...

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    Downloaded 646 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Doom Door (20.3mb)

    The version of the mod here is : Doom Door v1.0

    Doom_Door (Ver.1.0, 14 February 2004) by Oldie

    What is the secret behind the mysterious Doom Door and who is the equally mysterious Telvanni Mage so intimately connected with it? Meant for Level 20, or higher, characters, this mod will take you on an adventure to a new Drow City on Vvardenfell and through dungeons, mystical islands and a full-scale "military style" battle in which the magnificient Moon Armour appears. Not for the faint-at-heart, although brawn alone will not be sufficient to succeed. Brains and lock-picking skills (up to level 50) are also essential.


    1. Requirements

    This mod requires the Tribunal expansion to Morrowind to be installed. It requires nothing else, is compatible with Bloodmoon, and can be run with most other mods.

    However, if you have any of the following five mods installed, it is advisable to "uncheck" these under the game data files, to avoid possible "ghosting" while playing "Doom_Door": (i) "Ghostpath" by Ascendant, (ii) "Castlevania" by The Dark Man, (iii) "Puzzle Canal" by Shanthe, (iv) "The Magus Unending" by Davion The Mad, (v) "Children of the Night Part 2" by JB.

    2. Installation

    Extract the zip file to the drive or folder in which "Morrowind" is located (eg if your Morrowind folder is located in drive C, then extract to C:; if your Morrowind folder is located in D:Games, then extract to D:Games). All necessary files with all their required paths are contained in the zip file, and which information you can use to manually uninstall "Doom_Door" once finished.

    The installation requires approx. 45 MB drive space and you need to be sure that this is available before commencing the installation. Unless you have some specially created icon, mesh or texture for which the name was not changed, it should be safe to let the extraction overwrite any existing game files. IF YOU HAVE BETHESDA'S LEFEMM ARMOUR INSTALLED, THIS MOD WILL CAUSE A CONVERSION TO A BEAUTIFUL BLOOD RED. TO KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL COLOUR DO NOT SAVE OVER AN EARLIER SAVED GAME AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO RETURN TO YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR, AFTER FINISHING THE MOD, BY REINSTALLING LEFEMM ARMOUR.

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    Downloaded 644 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Ghostgate (44.2mb)

    The version of the mod here is : Ghostgate v1pt3

    One year after the Nerevarines defeat of Dagoth Ur, Vvardenfells champion called a meeting between Duke Vedam Dren and the executive leaders of the Great Houses and native tribes. At this meeting, the Horator-Nerevarine enshrined the concept of a new coalition between the islands great powers in the form of the Treaty of Tureynulal. The result of this was that instead of a sprawling wasteland taking up most of the valuable real-estate of the island, a new commercial district would be formed, bringing wealth and commerce to the disparate peoples of the isle in an effort to use the prospect of personal benefit to bring forth communal prosperity and opportunity.
    (Optional alternative .esp requires Children of Morrowind by Emma)


    For Wrye Mash, a tool to clean savegames and ensure safe additions of mods to existing games, go here: #NotesandUtils

    On start-up, you wil find two rings in your inventory - The Ring of Level Playing, and the Ring of Fraternal Protection. If your character is new or not yet Nerevarine, equip the Ring of Level Playing to instantly become a level 50 Nerevarine character, with journal entries, stats and equipment fitting to that title. Then, if you would like to avoid those pesky Dark Brotherhood attacks when you sleep, equip the Ring of Fraternal Protection. It will add two journal entries - the first two of Tribunal - to stop them. It wont interfere with the rest of the Tribunal quest, so you can continue that later if you want to.

    The Dagoth Ur citadel is now a luxury hotel with a range of bedrooms, bar-lounge, restaurant, dance-hall, casino and huge volcanically-heated swimming pool. The Nerevarine, of course, may sleep in any room for free, and will be offered free meals and drinks (or may pay for a more varied selection). A bellhop to carry your luggage, and 24-hour room service summonable by pressing one of the hotels in-room bells, is all just part of the service. Like all the citadels bar Vemynal, the hotel has been redecorated (retextured) to the highest specifications.
    A new game called Kuayl (Dunmeri, lit. luck) has been added for the player to enjoy. Its a simple betting game through dialogue, using the Random variables. You have a one in four chance of winning three times your money back. Like all casinos, you might get very lucky once or twice, but in the long run, the house always wins. There are also two slot machines from Mournhold Expanded, modified to take ordinary septims.
    The Vemynal citadel now plays host to paintball-style capture-the-flag team games, where you can join a team in friendly, non-fatal combat challenges. To play, speak to Heidi and equip the crossbow and bolts she gives you. You can now order your team with three commands - follow, stay or all follow. Find the trophy and bring it back to her to end the game. The trophy chest will periodically respawn, for further games. You can time yourself or play for points in subsequent games. A tavern outside in the Redoran northwest offers food and drink (and a short dialogue-based mini-quest). Whilst there are no guest rooms, the publican will offer you use of her own bed if you are tired.
    The Tureynulal citadel is now the heart of the Tureynulal Administration: Imperial and Tribal faction offices plus embassies of the Imperial Provinces.
    The Odrosal citadel is a theatre (showing The Lusty Argonian Maid), Dwemer museum and shopping area. If you speak to Cheryl, she will offer you a free goodie basket on her stall (its labelled Nerevarine Gift Basket so you cant miss it). It's a tough life being a hero! Talk to Kathryn to sample some chocolate, or to buy a choccie statue to take away. Mentioning 'compliments of the house' (which you'll get if you've been to the Dagoth Ur hotel) will also get you free books and a free coinpurse.
    The Endusal citadel is a housing district. The player can enjoy a short quest to gain ownership of one of the new apartments, offering spectacular faux-exterior views of the mountainside. High capacity chests and closet are included, along with a bathroom and a kitchen with respawning food cupboard. There is a travel office, trader and tavern in the vicinity. Shezrie the publican offers free beer and accommodation.
    Lost Kogoruhn is now a museum of ancient Dunmer culture and the Sixth House occupation of the ruin. (In practice, this means that it has been cleared of monsters, a tourist guide written, a few guards and tourists added and a few extra lights put in. The Hall of Maki is 'restored' to how it might have looked at the peak of Dunmeri civilisation. Ownership is now added to all treasure except the shadow shield, which is needed for a quest if I recall correctly. You can just take that - anything else, you'll have to steal.)
    Bthanchend is now a beautifully redecorated (retextured) player home. There is one fully furnished bedroom, one room that sleeps five (including the hammock) that can serve as a nursery, plus sleeping downstairs for two servants. There is also an unfurnished tower (with a bedroll helpfully included) that you can furnish as you like, depending on which shopping mods you have installed. Bthanchend also has a volcanically-heated swimming pool, kitchen-dining room and an observatory-conservatory with mini-garden. There is no restriction on use, though players wishing to purchase the dwelling can pop along to the Imperial office at Tureynulal and pay 20,000 gold for the land deed
    and buy the services of Boden, who can be summoned with a ring to bring you food, repair your armour, or take you safely home or to three other convenient locations.
    The Mausur Caverns have been made safe for the public. There are now guards and tourists exploring the disused ebony mine. Other mines are simply cleaned up and left as working mines. There is also a Daedric Zoo, converted from a shrine.
    The Panabanit-Nimawia Egg Mine now forms the basis of a quest, after the end of which the player can earn a regular income. Speak to Raesa at your office in Tureynulal to get started.

    Ghostgate (towers) are subtly improved, with new dialogue to reflect the changes. The Buoyant Armigers will now act as guides (transport) for a small fee.
    Fast travel via guild guides is offered between citadels. A Buoyant Armiger is now stationed next to the silt strider in Ald'ruhn to take you to Ghostgate.

    I haven't removed Feril Salmyn's corpse from Kogoruhn as he is quest-essential.
    Most individual NPCs have unique dialogue for Background, making it a little more interesting than normal to take the trouble to talk to NPCs. There is also new generic dialogue for the usual topics such as Specific Place and (for the guild guides) Destination. New dialogue responses are designed to interact with other mods, such as the most-used companion mods, Children of Morrowind (with the COM version) and Mournhold Expanded.
    The mod is fully NOM-compatible.

    Further info and walkthrough included in readme

  • Requirements :

  • This mod requires Morrowind only.

  • Installation :
  • Install and play.

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    Downloaded 572 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Ebony Armor Fixes

    The version of the mod here is : Ebony Armor Fixes 2

    Ebony Armor Fixes
    Plugin: Ebony Armor Fixes 1.1
    Author: Sapphron
    Date: 17/03/05
    1. Mod Description
    2. Installation
    3. Credits
    4. Contact Info
    1. Mod Description
    This mod attempts to "fix" the look of Ebony Armor. I'm sure most players are aware of the mismatched greenish Ebony pauldrons. This mod changes their color to the regular "Ebony" gold and black, no textures required. This mod also adds a stock texture to the previously untextured groin of the Ebony greaves, and fixes the dark or green tint on the ground meshes of several Ebony armor pieces.
    See the included readme file for further information on the use of this mod.

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    Downloaded 561 times.


    Morrowind Mod : The Goblin Lab (34.3mb)

    Created by Timpy & The_Conjurer

    The Elder Scrolls III
    --The Goblin Lab--

    The Goblin Lab v1.0


    1) Installing
    2) How to play
    3) Known Bugs
    4) Solved bugs in v1.1
    5) Creators & Credits
    6) Final Notes

    ---------1 - Installing

    Install is simple.

    Follow the launcher's instructions and when it asks for your Data Files folder, go to this path (this is the default path) C:Program FilesBethesdaMorrowindData Files. Then select to install and the launcher will install The Goblin Lab version 1.0.

    -------2 - How to play

    Go to Tel Mora, an Imperial Knight called Falx Punctius is wandering around the back of the tower. He's nearby the diseased Reguard girl, on the rowboat. He'll explain you what to do next, and will give you a handy item. NOTE !!! : Once you registered in Ujjain, talk to some people in the Dancing Plates club.

    There are a few things you must know that will be explain in the next chapter.

    -----3 - Known Bugs

    Bug 1 : Guar racing. The guar sometimes likes to float in the air. If he does that, go to a plain area and he will "land" again. Advised is not to jump, but it is possible. IMPORTANT : Complete this test only ! The other one (Guar Fight) is still full of bugs but will be fixed in the final version.

    Bug 2 : 80% of the icons do not have alpha's. I am truly sorry about this, and it will be fixed in a next version.

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    Downloaded 552 times.


    Morrowind Mod : The Holiday Mod

    Holidays and birthdays come to Morrowind!
    New scripts adding many of the festivals listed in the Imperial Library - including New Life (Christmas), First Planting (Easter), Mid-Year, and Tales and Tallows (Hallowe'en). Scripted streamers, Jack O' Lanterns and pine trees appear and disappear with the changing days.
    Playing characters are randomly assigned a birthday, and offered free drinks in the local tavern - plus gifts from their favourite companions.
    Several of the most popular companions have their own birthdays, and the player can exchange birthday gifts and New Life presents with their in-game friends.
    New dialogue, books (including a new story by Santa Cruz, decorations, food and drinks - and decorative items with placement scripts so that you can set up your own tree at home.

    * Over 160 fairy lights decorating taverns and public places
    * Over 50 Jack O' Lanterns up for Tales and Tallows
    * Festive trees in Balmora and Seyda Neen
    * New books, and many more decorations, food and drinks, and fireworks
    * New vendor NPCs and street market stalls in major towns (with contributions by Lady Rae & Tommy Khajiit)
    * New dialogue explaining the festivities
    * Festival days with cut-price bargains on sale
    * Birthdays for every player, every race, and many companions
    See readme for full details
    Change log
    V1.1 - global check added to avoid conflicts with Vivec Market by Rougetet. Journal entries now tell player when their birthday is.

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    Downloaded 540 times.


    Morrowind Mod : All Boat Ports

    The version of the mod here is :
    The Elder Scrolls III
    All Boat Ports Plug-in
    V 1.0

    Following NPCs where modified:
    Haema Farseer
    Nevosi Hlan
    Valveli Arelas
    Baleni Salavel
    Talmeni Drethan
    Rindral Dralor
    Gals Arethi
    Daynas Darys
    Nireli Farys
    Tonas Telvani
    Ano Andaram
    Sedyni Veran

    -The following files should be in this package:
    All Boat Ports.esp
    All Boat Ports Readme.txt (This file)

  • Requirements :
  • None.

  • Installation :
  • To install the plug-in: -Uncompress the all the files into the "MorrowindData Files" directory

  • Playing Guidelines :
  • From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the "All Boat Ports.esp" file.

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    Downloaded 514 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Darknuts's Greater Dwemer Ruins (61.7mb)

    Nothing very creative, I just wanted a few extra choices in light armors so converted a few of the stock bethesda items into playable light armor. Vendor at Best Defense in Imperial City now sells the following sets: Ranger, Stalker, Pit Gear, Hunter, Monk, & Quilted. No readme or files, just save the esp file to your Oblivion/Data folder then enable in the launcher.

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    Downloaded 452 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Morrowind Inhabitants Freeform

    The version of the mod here is : Morrowind Inhabitants Freeform


    To install, just unzip the contents of the .zip file directly into your Morrowind/Data Files folder.

    IMPORTANT: MWScriptExtender is REQUIRED for the use of this plugin. If you don't have MWSE, or have a version which is earlier than v0.9.2, then please visit and download the latest version. As far as I am aware, MWSE is fully compatible with MWE and MGE. Consult the cdcooley's documentation for instructions on how to install and run MWSE. You should not start Morrowind itself, but instead run MWSE, which will launch Morrowind automatically. Otherwise your plugins will not work properly. For those of you who have used the original release of Morrowind Inhabitants, be aware that the two versions are NOT compatible. For instructions on removing the old version without causing any problems for your current savegames, see the Technical Notes section below. One more IMPORTANT note: This plugin is released as a BETA. Although I've tested it extensively, I don't have your system or your savegames, and I can't guarantee I haven't missed some obscure bug. However, the best reason for releasing this as a beta is that MWSE, as well as the script editor used to compile the extended scripts, MWEdit, are both beta releases. I can't feel comfortable releasing a plugin which is based on two beta programs as anything other than beta. What this means is that you should backup your most recent save before ever running the game with this plugin enabled. If it makes you feel better, you can always continue to make more backup saves as you play. And if you do encounter a problem, you can contribute to making this a better mod by letting me know about it (see the Feedback section).

    Playing the Plugin

    Morrowind Inhabitants adds 6 new quest types, including one new faction, to the game. These quests are randomly-generated and infinitely-respawning. Below is some general information that applies to all random quests, with the exception of the Arena faction which will be described later. You can obtain the quests by speaking to the right people. Unlike the quests in Morrowind, these quests don't have a specific questgiver associated with them; instead, they are available from certain types of NPCs which already exist in the game (or have even been added by other mods). For instance, any Imperial Guard can tell you about the latest Bounty Hunt. However, in some cases once you've accepted a quest from one NPC, that NPC becomes the questgiver for that particular quest and other NPCs of the same type will not have quests for you until you've completed your current quest. You'll know immediately if an NPC has a quest for you, because you'll see a topic at the top of your dialog list. These topics are always enclosed in to set them apart and sort them to the top of the list. Clicking this topic will introduce you to the quest, or if you've already accepted a quest from this NPC, will allow you to discuss your progress. While discussing the quest, you may see some extra information displayed in white text in the dialog window, similar to the messages that appear to inform you when items are removed from your inventory during dialog. This is used to display string variables and other information that can't be displayed through normal dialog. It's not possible to use the standard journal to keep track of your objectives, so instead I've added my own journal of sorts. In your inventory you'll find a scroll called a Quest Journal. If you need to be reminded of your current objectives, equip the journal on your character portrait and select from the topics describing your active quests.

    One final note before getting into the quests themselves: This plugin is designed to integrate into your overall game. It is not meant to be a plugin which you install, beat the quests, and then move on to something else. In fact, that would be impossible, because the quests are infinitely respawning. Instead, play it alongside your normal Morrowind game, picking up the quests when you come across them in your travels. Also, I wouldn't bother reloading if you fail a particular quest, because there are an infinite number of opportunities for you to try again.

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    Downloaded 448 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Kayla's Knick-Knacks

    This is a large collection of new meshes and textures I created. Many are reflection mapped (shiny), some have animated particle effects like candles with flame, and magical orbs with sparklies inside.

    The purpose of this mod is two-fold. One application is for the players, while the other use is for modders.

    Players: There is a shop called Kayla's Knick-Knacks just East of Gnisis, in the side of the hill. Kayla sells everything there, except for the more "evil" mad scientist stuff, which is sold by Dr. Finsleth in an adjoining room.

    There are a LOT of models here. Some are not shown in the screenshots. Each has a script on it to rotate, scale, and position it.

    The is a great resource to use for house mods and other things. Feel free to use the stuff any way you see fit -just give me a little credit, 'k?

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    Downloaded 448 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Dracandros' Voice

    Dracandros' Voice 2.71 Minor Modifications

    New features:

    Every slave, mercenary, personal guard has the Slowfall ability.

    The "state of your health" topic has been upgraded.

    I have some problem with my level advancing scripts so I will implement them later.

    Favourite features:

    You can have your own personal guards as the head of some factions.

    You can command your mercenaries, slaves, personal guards and (by popular request) packguars to travel to Mournhold and ten different places in Morrowind.

    You can hire mercenaries and adventurers in the Fighters and Mages Guilds.

    You can buy slaves and packguars from most traders !!!

    Practice combat with fighters, soldiers and Legion Guards!!!

    You can have your own priests as Lord Nerevar.

    Are you really ready to be a god? Maybe Vivec has a different opinion... if he lives... and Almalexia? She has an explanation...

    You can command the lower ranked members of some factions. Don't need to be the head of the faction! Thanx to Yann ( ) for this idea!!!

    First, deactivate all former voice mods made by Dracandros:

    Archcanon's Voice, Archmage' Voice, Hortator's Voice, Dracandros' Voice

    Tribunal required !!!

    If you get any error message, press YES. The program indicates only, that the mod used in your saved game is not indentical with the currently used mod. Sometimes you get a message, that a script has been changed. Press safely Yes, I upgraded it only, but it must work normal and now better. Make every time a backup from your saved games !!!

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    Downloaded 442 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Vallarion's Face-Covering Trollbone Helm

    Category Armor

    On request, this mod was created to replace the original trollbone helmet with one that covers about half of the character''s face, instead of just sitting on their head, and is purely cosmetic.

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    Downloaded 376 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Harlequin Sword Resource

    The version of the mod here is : Harlequin Sword Resource v1.1


    This particular resource adds 4 katanas, 2 bows and 1 two-handed sword to the game. All of the swords have scabbards and the two bows have quivers.All of these items have sheathing scripts attached in a sample plugin.

    As is the case with most of my releases, this is primarily for use as a resource though it does include a playable plugin with the items placed in game courtesy of 'Ashemanu' - many thanks there!

    The sample plugin requires Bloodmoon to run due to the sheathing scripts.

    'Harlequin' was a personal katana mesh of mine that I decided to update a little and then release. I had some spare time so I knocked up another sword called 'Ebony' and then along came 'Ivory'. Before I knew it these swords had accompanying bows, before they knew it they had accompanying quivers and so the story goes on.....


    ****Those using version 1 esp's please refer to the version 1.1 changes before installing****

    The sample plugin was cleaned with TESame and packed with tesmu2, due to additional files it will no longer unpack with tesmu2. The file will extract to the data files directory of Morrowind with most extraction programs.

    If manually installing, place the esp in the usual place, the Phijama meshes subfolder should be placed in the Meshes folder, all textures in the Textures folder and the Phijama icons subfolder in the Icon folder of Morrowind.

    I have a tendancy to reuse my own textures, particularly those that I use for reflection maps. Allow these files to overwrite all my old ones, I do update them from time to time.

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    Downloaded 360 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Kirel's Interior Weather

    The version of the mod here is : Kirel's Interior Weather V1.0

    Allows you hear the exterior weather from inside buildings.

    Adds weather sound effects to interior cells both from the stock game and from any mod without the need for patches or editing. Fully customizable in game.

  • Requirements :

  • This mod requires Morrowind only.

  • Installation :

  • From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the k_weather.esp file.

    The mod decides in real time what cells to play sound effects in or not. While it's pretty good at getting it right it will very rarely play sound effects where you wouldn't want them (ie: underground) or not play them where you would want them. (Houses, for example) You can edit the settings for a cell in game by using the "Weather Wand".

    player->additem "k_weatherswitch" 1

    Equipping this once will change cells that play sound effects to cells that don't and vice versa. Alternatively, equiping this while sneaking will turn on the "reset mode" - any cells you enter while in reset mode will be reset to their default settings. To disable reset mode equip the Weather Wand while sneaking again. A sound will play while you are in reset mode so that you don't leave it on by mistake. You don't have to leave it equipped or even carry it around all the time, you just need it while performing one of the above actions. You can perform all the actions via the console if you prefer not to have an item in your inventory.

    placeatpc "kug_marker" 1 0 0 0

    (marks cell as "Underground" - no interior effects)

    placeatpc "kag_marker" 1 0 0 0

    (marks cell as "Above Ground" - interior effects)

    set kug_erase to 1

    (Toggles reset mode on - no sound will play is this is done via the console: Be Ye Warned!)

    set kug_erase to 0

    (Turns reset mode off)

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    Downloaded 351 times.


    Morrowind Mod : RheddHeads

    The version of the mod here is : Rhedd Heads (Imperial) v1.0

    1. Installation
    2. Playing the Plugin
    3. Save Games
    4. Changing the Face of an Existing Character
    5. Credits & Usage




    To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind/Data Files directory.

    UPDATE: This plugin was developed using version 1.2.0722 of Morrowind. It should run correctly on other versions but has not been tested.




    From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the RheddHeads Imp_M01.esp file.

    This plugin adds one playable Imperial male head and hairstyle (with optional laurel wreath).


    Due to the way Morrowind distorts Imperial male models, the head must be built much narrower than it will appear in-game. The face selection screen will display the narrow version which may look strange, but the face WILL appear correctly in the actual game. For the same reason, this model should not be used for any other race.


    3. Save Games


    This plugin will not invalidate your old saved games. If you save your game while this plugin is loaded, you may encounter error messages when you reload the saved game without the plugin. But you will be able to continue on with the original game.


    4. Changing the Face of an Existing Character


    To change the face of your existing character without starting a new game, open the console and type "enableracemenu". Choose your new face and hair. Changing your race will cause temporary problems that should resolve themselves when you reload. Always save your game first in case of unpredictable errors and save afterwards in a new file.

    Enableracemenu will only work once. If you want to change your face again you must first exit Morrowind and reload your game.

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    Downloaded 281 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Green Marble Mournhold

    A simple texture replacer for Mournhold. The textures are mostly similar to the original ones, but they are much higher res. No .esp needed.
    Change log
    2.0 - Made some more color-accurate textures for the 'exterior' walls, and an alternate ceramic roof tile texture. Alternate textures are included in a subfolder, use them if you like them better than the original green walls and/or wooden roof shingles.

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    Downloaded 280 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Service Requirements

    The version of the mod here is : Service Requirements v1.2

    Copy this esp to the morrowinddata files directory

    From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the esp file you choose to load.

    2. Save Games

    Plugin should not invalidate your old saved games. If you save your game while this plugin is loaded, you may encounter error messages when you reload the saved game without the plugin. But you may be able to continue on with the original game.

    3. Features

    I didn't like how gaining rank in a faction was meaningless and that people who were not members of a faction could obtain the same services as a member. so, now your rank and membership affects what services you can use.

    So with this mod You need to be of sufficient rank in order to obtain different services. For example now you have to be a journeyman to use the teleportation service from the mages guild.

    you have to be a member of the guild in order to obtain its services. With the exception of the lowest level members of the 3 houses and the temple.

    for all guilds except the 3 houses and the temple, in order to obtain services from a person of X rank you have to be of higher rank. with the 3 houses and the temple you have to be of the same rank to obtain services.

    Now the amount it cost to remove a bounty on your head depends on your rank.

    This mod should work with WGI, however i have included a merged version also. It has WGI faction settings included.

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    Downloaded 248 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Illy's Oh my Goddesss

    A mod which finally shows some love to the faithful followers of the Nine.

    This mod adds:

    - 2 new rooms to the Imperial Chapels in Ebonheart
    - 1 new NPC complete with fresh dialogue and insight into the lore of Dibella.
    - 5 new playable female faces
    - 5 new playable female hairs
    - 9 new female robes
    - 3 new female cuirass's all light armour; short, medium and long
    - 2 new male cuirass's all light armour; short, long
    - 2 new greaves 1 female and 1 male
    - 4 new female dancer pants
    - 5 new female dancer tops
    - 3 new male robes
    - 1 new male dancer top
    - 1 new male dancer pants
    - 2 new textures for Vurt's Orchids
    - 1 new book with bookart of some of the outfits
    - new dialogue has been given to some members of the cult about other members of the cult
    - wearing the clothes may cause other NPC's in Morrowind to comment on your affiliation with the cult.
    - half a dozen new globals and new scripts - none of these should have performance impacts.
    - appropriately ranked members of the Cult can purchase the light armour and clothes
    - the following female NPC's have been altered - Lalatia Varian, Sarmosia Vant, Ygfa and Dulian, all have new faces, hair and robes. Ygfa has an additional animation as well as enhanced dialogue about Dibella and some new topics. Seeing as Dulian is not a member of the cult yet still provides priest services for the Imperial Legion I outfitted her as well and gave her a new topic for cult members only.
    - the following male NPC's have been altered for clothing only - Frik, Iulas, Kaye, Sauleius and Synnolian all of them are in the Ebonheart Chapels - if you wish to have improved faces and hairs for these characters I recommend my pluginless replacer mod Fresh Faces II

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    Downloaded 114 times.


    Morrowind Mod : Phijama's 'Bits' and 'Bobs' Resource

    This is a modder's resource by Phijama. It adds nineteen item: 5 bowls, 5 trays, 5 plates, 3 drums and a lute. All new meshes and textures. These are for any modder to use in their projects, please consult the readme for any questions..

    Rate this Mod :     1    2    3    4    5     

    Downloaded 11 times.


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