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Balmora West

A mod for the Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind
Page created 29th March, 2009
Page updated 30th June, 2009

Balmora West mod...currently work in progress. Creates the village to the west of the mountains with access being through an old egg mine that was previously closed by the council after egg production was stopped and the miners laid off. Currently, there are eight dwellings in the village, although I am sure there will be more. The Balmora West Tunnel Access through the old mine is complete. There will be a number of quests in this mod - no decision yet - how many do you think there should be?.

If you have any comments then please mail me What would you like to see here? How many houses do you think there needs to be etc. Should it have a mages guild and a silt strider? There's plenty of scope for a lot of stuff in this area, and just a short walk away from Balmora itself.

The first phase of the mod is now completed and ready for download. Eight dwellings are fully populated and there is some rudimentary conversation and a single quest. Please download and play, then let me know what you think so far. I'm open to new ideas about what we might put here in future, and how big the village could grow. There is a lot of real-estate on this side of the mountains.

Download Balmora West version 2.1

There is now a Tutorial to go with the latest Balmora West version 2.1 mod. This tutorial should be read in conjunction with the Balmora West mod. The tutorial is a novice's introduction to creating a quest and it's associated dialog in the Morrowind Construction Set. It explains, in simple terms, the task of creating a simple three stage quest within the Balmora West mod, and setting up all the dialog and associated Journal Entries. Ensure you have the latest version of the mod which is now version 2.1. The tutorial can be found here

Balmora West